Sure, we wanted to use our name “Pond” in the name of our company, but ponds mean so much more to us as well.

  • Thriving Life – At the pond’s edge, you’re likely to find life thriving and making a place for itself in the world.
  • Not Perfect, but Beautiful- A pond may never be perfect, but it can be beautiful. (Think of Claude Monet paintings of the Water-Lily Pond, or Thoreau’s found inspiration at the edge of Walden Pond.)
  • Inspirational- Inspiration is often found where there is water, so it would seem that the pond’s edge would be a likely place to be inspired.
Lakeview Pond in New York, clouds reflected in the pond
The Lakeview Pond lies within the Lakeview Wildlife Management Area at Southwick Beach State Park, New York.

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