More Meet-ups and A Scholarship Application

Okay, so hanging out with women coders is pretty dang awesome! But at some point, I feel that to succeed I have to able to talk with all sorts of people to get ideas and suggestions.

It was at a RailsBridge workshop with Women Who Code that I was reminded that us women might be missing out on help from the nice guys in IT. That’s when I decided it was time to expand the list of meetups that I go to.

I’ve now been to a few Phoenix JavaScript meet-ups, two AGIA Arizona meet-ups, and a Phoenix Versioning meet-up.

Some of the information was way over my head, however, sometimes it’s good to be able to learn what’s out there that you don’t know about. Generally, during these meet-ups, I write a lot of notes that include “look up the term…” and that, my friend, is quite okay. It’s quite interesting to see how much I don’t know and then learn about it.

I have also been to one Rockit Bootcamp meet-up. I didn’t learn too much, but I did get to see the teaching styles of one of the one of the instructors, which is a good thing since I’ve applied for a scholarship with Rockit Bootcamp. If you’d like to see my “pro” application video essay click on this link and be prepared to laugh:

I’ll find out if I got the scholarship on July 21st, but I sure did spend a lot of time on the 7 essays, video essay, and reading the fine print in the Terms & Conditions so it seems right that they take just as long to decide who to give the scholarship to, right?

I’ll provide some more in-depth details about what I’m learning in my next post… see you there. In the meanwhile, here’s a wonderful TED Talk I watched while at the gym the other day.

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