Hour of Code, CodeAcademy, and Website Development

After the great realization that Brad was giving me the opportunity to pursue my interest in technology, I then had to decide where to start.

I knew from a few projects I had worked on at the Desert Botanical Garden that I was interested in programs like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. Both of these programs allowed me to be creative and solve problems/ fill needs.

“We needed a staff manual for Flashlight Tours? No problem, I made it in InDesign. We needed a map the visitors can use follow the path at night? Great, I edited the Illustrator file that the Exhibits department gave me. We needed a sign to promote a program? Fantastic, I formatted a document in InDesign.”

I loved those programs so much that Brad bought InDesign for me for Christmas! Little did I know that Illustrator probably would have been better for me. At that time though, I had already watched tons of Lynda.com videos on InDesign and felt really comfortable with it.

Then one day while checking Facebook, I noticed that someone had posted a link to Hour of Code. There I played game after game and really got into solving puzzles using code.

I loved it so much that I followed one of the Hour of Code Links to Code Academy.

I get it!
I want to go into Web Design/Development!

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