A New Direction

As you may remember from the last post, I had landed a full-time permanent job! The first ever in my life. Previously, like many people, I was piecing together part-time jobs and seasonal positions. I was so excited to feel like I would be making it! Brad and I gathered our belongings and set out to Los Angeles to start a life there.

Mountains Conservation Recreation Authority, Santa Monica Mountains HQ at King Gillette Ranch

Of course, I set out a little earlier than Brad to get us settled. I even found a decent apartment in Woodland Hills that was almost the same size as our condo in Arizona. Sure, it was triple the price and didn’t have a proper garage, but hey, for L.A. it wasn’t bad.

When we went to make the final move, Brad let his company in Arizona know that he was leaving, and it turns out that they didn’t want to let him go. Apparently, he is the best engineer they’ve had in over a decade. They decided that instead of letting him go, they would offer him a deal we couldn’t refuse.

So after 4 months of being in L.A., getting settled in my new job, and meeting tons of new and wonderful people, it was time to pack our things up and move back to A.Z.

Some of the M.R.CA. crew
What was I to do? I wasn’t fully prepared to go back to the Desert Botanical Garden, and I had nothing else lined up.

Thankfully my wonderful came to my rescue and said to me, “Why don’t you go back to school for something you’re interested in?”

I noticed years ago that I was interested in technology and was quite the quick learner when it came to learning new software. I believe that had just never pursued it because it wasn’t often used in the environmental education realm. I believe there is a place for it however, and I’m going to find it!

It’s time to learn about the ways technology can be used to inspire environmental awareness!

a healthy environment in a hand

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